Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fast Wizard

We are trying to do the impossible, prepare our mini pit-orchestra for a full musical presentation in six weeks. Our first rehearsal is this coming Wednesday evening for The Wizard of Oz. Thursday May 14 is opening night. For other shows we have started in January, taking a small break to practice for the Sprucedale Variety Night in February, and then going right back at it. The only saving grace may be that the score is short, and much easier than Rogers and Hammerstein’s music. My clarinet part is only 31 pages, compared to 70-80 in the past. And there is the usual repetition of themes and reprises, so not too, too much to learn.
The group consists of keyboard, two clarinets, a flute, trumpet, alto, guitar, bass, hopefully violin, and percussion.
Our conductor will be back from Australia on April 30. Yikes.
But technology has helped a lot. I didn’t want to impose on Greg’s family time Down Under but now I am glad I did. Within a few messages we were able to sort out a lot of conflict over instrumentation and personnel, get our parts, and plan our rehearsals. Now, Ruth is going to email for instructions on how to convert the trombone part to alto, something she’s done in the past and just needs a reminder about. Technology really has helped get us to this point, and we’re hopeful that we’ll be off to see you-know-who by early May.

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