Monday, November 9, 2009

Two great articles

Reading about the Calgary research called Movement Matters in an article in the Globe and Mail. I think most teachers know that a number of students in each class need to be active in order to learn, and in order to let their classmates learn. What interested me about the study is that the students must have to “sign on,” to agree to use the treadmill and then work. It is this partnership that I think will make the difference in student focus. DPA in many cases just winds kids up after their 15 minutes of activity. To participate in the study though, I think they must agree to both halves of the equation, and that this would motivate them. It would give them some insight into their own learning and make them partners. It’s not just exercise for its own sake, which is not a bad thing, but would also validate what many students already have an intrinsic knowledge of: their own pathways to effective learning. I also liked the part about playing a musical instrument, and this I think shows the value of having instrumental music in a middle school environment, which is more inclusive than the electives available in high school.
This next article reflects how I feel some days as I try to stay current by reading about educational technology and keep in touch with teachers elsewhere who are immersed in their innovative practices. However, this leaves me with the feeling on occasion that just a very small part of our world is actively engaged in using social media - not the majority, but the exceptions in each small school community. So reading this story made me question trends at our own “company” - . Are any school boards taking advantage of new media in their day to day communications and or decision-making?

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