Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rose Blanche dot ca

There is a new resident in Rose Blanche with a beautiful new space and some visionary ideas. And of course a web site...
Madolyn G and her husband bought an older home and the building supply storehouse next door and have transformed them into a bed and breakfast with a twist. Each building was totally gutted and renovated, with many large windows installed to look out over the Cabot Strait, the harbour, the village and the historic stone lighthouse (the only one left in NL). An expansive deck, to take advantage of the sun and breeze, connects the two buildings.
The former storehouse is now a single open studio space and is airy and spacious. The large house is now called RoseSea and between the two of them they can sleep 10. The reno work is simply lovely.
Madolyn wants to lure visitors to this unique and picturesque spot, but also to invite artists to stay, doing their own work and offering courses. She is committed to the Rose Blanche community in a special way: she will ask the artists to sponsor local residents in each class. If there are any visual artists, photographers or craftspeople reading this, go to the web site and get in touch!
Any people or groups wishing to hold conferences are also more than welcome. The natural beauty of Rose Blanche would be sure to inspire.
But taking their idea even further, Madolyn and her husband are interested in supporting local designers by helping with patent/copyright issues and even in the creation of cottage industries in Rose Blanche.
Although I love her ideas, everything seems even more powerful due to the location here. It would be hard to imagine a more beautiful setting in this or any other province. And to establish employment opportunities so that so many hardworking people do not have to travel to work would be the best success of all.

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