Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shillolo Supernews October 22

My experience at the ECOO 2011 Conference was outstanding once again. I got so many ideas to share with you, as well as strategies to make this as painless as possible! When I saw the number of teachers from other boards, it made me sad and regretful that I was the only attendee, as far as I know, from NNDSB. (Our colleague Michelle Passmore presented on Day 1, but I did not get a chance to speak to her.) I have to figure out a way for more of us to take part. I know you would get so much out of it – at whatever stage of your learning you happen to be in. ECOO is first and foremost a conference about teaching and learning, and then about how to make the most of technology as part of that process.
I was also excited to have had the chance to be a “mini” presenter as part of the Google Carousel, and I made sure the name of Land of Lakes was prominent in my presentation. I talked about how we used Google Docs to offer our After-School Program online last year.
Senteo Update
Yippee, Gerry and Tanya are now up and running. I believe we are ready for a school-wide trial, and I will be touch with instructions and options next week.
Report Cards
I hope it has gone smoothly for everyone this weekend. I am now trying to get Students Achieve, the online grade book that links to TWEA, to work on my home computer. I will contact you immediately once I figure out a few more things and will sit down with you and get you started, if you are interested.
Please let me know right away if you need help with marking or entering into Collections Plus.
A few links…
Especially for Kim and Judy – photosynthesis in song and dance
Factory farming issue, revealed in short cartoon, great for discussion
This is a complex, interactive movie about the North. It has throat singers at the beginning! It would need some investigation, but if you are presenting anything about the Arctic, what I have seen is amazing and thought-provoking.
I have never used Storybird before, but it looks very good. It is beautiful and simple, and I think it works beyond primary (but that’s just me J)

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