Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shillolo Supernews October 3

Hello all,
> Over the past couple of weeks several colleagues have expressed the desire for resources that they could use to write their report card comments, given that TWEA does not provide drop-down menus. I know that sometimes the exact turn of phrase is hard to come by in trying to express our observations about a student's progress as professionally as possible. I really do personalize my comments, and I know that you do as well. But here are a few sites that can help you locate just what you might need to make a start. I also urge you to revisit the guidelines that were issued last year about writing comments without using jargon, and addressing each student's accomplishments and suggesting useful next steps for each learner. I have added a link for this Ministry document for Tanya, Kim and anyone else who might find it helpful... it also contains many good sample comments.

Growing Success
Comment Banks
> Finally, if it is possible to love stuff about writing report cards, I do love this series of brief videos about producing Learning Skills comments!

> Each of these resources has something to offer, and hopefully you will them useful.

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