Friday, March 2, 2012

Class movies: Wow

The response to the assembly was indescribable. The students had worked so hard to express their theme, with stories that were at once gritty and redeeming. The third party materials were also very well received. My students commented that they couldn’t believe how many in the audience were actually singing along to the songs.
I have been overwhelmed by the response from colleagues as well. One person got me crying because they went out at lunch, bought me flowers and wrote me a card. Then today, our new principal handed me a sheaf of letters written from him to the students in my class. They were very heart-felt, describing the effect that my students’ work had had on their school community and him personally, and choked me up once again.
As well we have been asked to invite the other grade 7 and 8 classes in our district to come to our school for an encore performance. And finally – our principal asked me to write him an email that he could submit to the superintendent to try and get us one Mac for our school. Before I asked!
I have learned so much about working with teens, allowing them true creative independence and the space to truly shine. 

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