Saturday, November 15, 2014

After BIT14

Whenever you present, you have a few goals... Chose a topic that appeals to the audience. Talk about something you personally feel very strongly about. Do your research, and try to find information that will grab people's attention.
And afterwards, I would gauge my success by reflecting on whether I was coherent or not, and if people sort of looked interested. Maybe a handful of people would speak during or after to make a personal connection.
I guess the bar was set a bit low:)
Because this year I experienced a whole other dynamic. Coding for kids, tech for girls. The place was hopping, in person and online in Twitter, and I would have been the last person in the world to have predicted this.
I honestly believe it is more than "flavour of the month." I think it is truly where educators see the path forward in education and technology.
Using coding in the elementary classroom ties in to so many current strategies: maker movement, inquiry, and more.
Even more inspiring to me was the fact that some of the issues I felt that it was important to discuss - representation of girls and women in tech, availability or lack of CS courses at high schools, lack of CS teacher training - were accepted by the audience as an essential part of the discussion.
You got it. Thank you!
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