Monday, January 25, 2010

Travel plans

I just realized that when I go online now the first three places I check are all social networking sites: Tweetdeck, FB and Yalitchat. Then probably Google Reader. There are a few factors at play here. Most importantly, my email now goes directly to my phone, so the step of logging on to check mail is eliminated. Tweetdeck has CBC news headlines on it, so that's helpful. And, I can see what's shakin in the world of educational technology and writing. Joining FB has been a great experience, for two reasons, reconnecting with friends from the past, and a challenging online tres literary book club. And Yalitchat is an extremely active writing community with everything from contests to practical advice to moral support.
So now I am going to try to take this on the road. As we travel, I want to post updates and pictures every day. For a non-routine person such as me this will be a true test. Is it easy enough? Is it fun? Will I remember? I am well aware that, for the first time since Tom was little and we kept a journal when camping, I will have a written record of memorable travel notes. I hope.
So if you are interested, I will be posting to Twitter which have set up to feed to FB as well. (And maybe separately to Peter, our housesitter, on his phone!)

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Lisa said...

Looking forward to following your travels through your blog! Happy trails.