Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adventures in blended learning 3

A mixed day. We had to move away from the lesson in the grade 7 class class because no one could log on to the LMS. It was to have been their first use of the threaded discussion feature, so this was disappointing. But they continued to read and update their journals in the remaining time.
Once again I was able to sit with a student and share his novel reading with him while he took notes in his journal using the computer. It was a really good chance for me to observe the disparity between his reading level and comprehension. The tech problem was solved during the grade 8 class that afternoon.
But all of that was overshadowed by another couple of exchanges. I am finding that the space(s)  in the library is leading to more authentic conversations with my students. One group making a video was sitting around the big table during the last ten minutes of class when I was consulting with them about time requirements to finish shooting. The responses and explanations were so much more thoughtful, and students who have never had a real conversation with me were volunteering their ideas.
Best of all: one student approached me earlier in the afternoon when I was still occupied with the technical problems. He said, "I am really glad I am in your class. We get to the use the computers all the time. I want to go to college and take two things, culinary arts and computer programming."
I was practically speechless. But I managed to congratulate him on his ideas and goals.

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