Saturday, October 26, 2013

My #ecco13

Once again, the ECOO conference was one to remember. Thinking back over other events, I started trying to pin down what made #ecoo13 the same, better, different…
I was always wishing in previous years that I had made a list of sessions I had attended so, for posterity, here goes. Of course my Lanyrd account says I went to 23 events. Oh well, that was just me trying to make up my mind with a long list/short list approach.
#ecoo13 sessions
Keynote with Amber Mac
Raspberry Pi – Rob Robson
Redefining Reading – Alanna King
Video Game Integration, Intermediate Math – Andrew Dobbie
Scratch as a Writing Tool – Ray Mercer
iPads and Writing - Todd Gribbon... and Me:)
Run With Alana
Paperless Math Classroom – Brian Aspinall
And a wild card, which changed many of my views and will likely affect me on an ongoing basis…
Office365 and London DSB – Chris Demers
Followed by two lengthy visits at the Microsoft booth.
I think this year I did less rushing and gave myself more time to reflect and digest information from the sessions. My inclination is always to plan every minute and catch my breath three days later.
Another difference was having people from my board at ECOO! My principal co-presented which was way less stressful for me and likely a lot more informative for the audience. Also two of the IT people I really enjoy working with (and relying on) from the board level were there. I hope they had as much fun as I did!
I would say I enjoyed the social times more by having dinner with a small group and meeting new people, and of course with the beautiful dawn run. Truly a standout memory!
In my personal growth and planning at this time I am drawn very strongly towards the STEM areas. Imagine my delight in being able to attend not one but several sessions involving teaching intermediate students about programming, to use as a method of exploring the curriculum. I am in awe of the ability of this conference to allow each of us to move forward on the path that suits us, making huge leaps in understanding, and gaining resources. Right now.
Main message
I heard over and over from various speakers: “It’s not about the tools, it’s about the learning.” And as well, “Why not have the students make the tool and then use it to learn.” Wow. This ties in so closely with my own goals.
Thank you to everyone who made ECOO13 possible. Ok, thanks again! Now I will stop.
P.S. As for Office 365 and its role in my future, that will be another blog post.

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