Tuesday, June 7, 2016

117 Main Road, Rose Blanche, NL $29,000

If you are visiting this blog to find out more about our beautiful house in Rose Blanche, please click on the tab above, called 117 Main Road. You will find numerous photos as well as links to our realtor's website and the MLS listing number.
Thank you.
PS:) Think about it... if you are tired of high real estate prices... if you are a writer, photographer, painter, musician...  if you would like to experience the peace of gazing out over the ocean, while enjoying the pleasure and convenience of a small village - you would love this house in Rose Blanche.
Also, if you want to get in touch, we have prepared "handouts" of things to do in western NL, and activities and attractions nearby, to give to the many friends and relatives who visited our house. I would be happy to forward these to you.

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