Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shillolo Supernews September 7

Dear Blog Readers,
I plan to post my "literacy coach" newsletters here on this blog, and any comments are welocme!
Hello all LoL staff, and I hope everyone gets this!
After some lengthy reflection I decided that it was a bit (!) egotistical to go around calling myself Super Shillolo even though Tanya drew such a nice crest for me....
However I hope the news itself is "super-useful."
I am planning to send a little newsletter out at least once a week, with answers to questions plus a few super-useful links for your viewing pleasure.
Please talk to me at any time if you are looking for resources - on or offline - and I will try to rustle them up for you.
1. TWEA. I will be training some staff from other schools on September 20, here at Land of Lakes. Then on the PD Day, September 23, there will time built in for additional TWEA training for our staff. So, an intro for some and a refresher for others.
2. Super-useful links for this week.
a) This is a fun slideshow for starting off the year. Not all of it applies to our school, but it is useful to ask the students,"Find one point that relates to Land of Lakes. Or, find one point that helps you as a learner." Spoiler alert: Some classes that I teach will see it with me: 8C, 7B.
b) Pat yourself on the back! Toast yourself! You are the best!
c) This is why we like it here...
d) Thought-provoking ideas about... our students' ideas and thinking.
Have great rest of our first week,

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