Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shillolo Supernews September 9

Hello everyone,
Well I have had a blast this week, and I hope you have too! Just a couple of things....
1. Smartboards, Smart Notebook, Smart Response (aka Senteos or clickers)
I checked this morning and it seems that Rob has put these apps on all of our machines. YAY and thank you Rob. If anyone would like training on using Smart Notebook and/or Smart Response, please let me know when would be convenient for you and we can sit down and do this. As well, I will help you make up an initial activity for your students, and help you try it out, if you like.
Today, I will create all the class lists so they will be ready for you to use. I will help you set this up, don't worry!
We have two uses for the clickers coming up soon. One is to create a little quiz that can be given to your class to help them (and us) identify their learning styles. It will also be a fun way for them to learn how to use the clickers themselves.
2. The second possible use of the clickers could be for our TLCP. I would like to suggest that our Term 1 focus be on reading in math. In other words, giving the students practice in decoding problems, right from the basics, such as "difference means to subtract." I know that even though I had a very high class last year, this remained a problem for many all year long. What do you think? The first activity would be a diagnostic that the students would do with the Senteos. I will write it up and help you in your classes, if you like.
So let me know any of your ideas on the above! anne

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