Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shillolo Supernews September 26

Here is an update on a few literacy and technology topics.
First of all, thanks to Tanya for an interesting discussion about reading literature and writing poetry. Also thanks to everyone who set aside time to meet in the week ahead to install the Smart Response and Senteo files. And a big shout out to Bonnie for helping me make up quiz questions on the PD Day!
Some of us have Mimeos in our rooms instead of Smartboards, and if we are lucky we will be getting more. Here is a brief video on how to work them, just six minutes long. I couldn’t believe how easy it is. 
Media Literacy
I really like project-based learning in the lab with the students, but I had also been wanting a few more resources on media literacy for my own program. I recently borrowed two DVDs from the resource centre and then made up Senteo quizzes to go with them. You are more than welcome to borrow the DVDs from me and I will put the quizzes in the Y: drive tomorrow. You would need about 1.5 periods to both watch the DVD and administer the quiz. One is called “Inside the Box” and is about how computers work. The other is called “Digital Citizenship” and address many issues about behaviour online, including Facebook, bullying, texting and sexting, etc. I found both to be at an appropriate level for our students.
Some links…
Very primary in this form, but adaptable to teaching colour theory, messy but fun
Inspiration… via Angela Meiers
History through fashion, fun

“Where children sleep,” thought-provoking comparison in a photo essay, Grade 8 History classes have seen this one

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