Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love being a VAT

Yes, I am a VAT. And I have to clarify, as a fanatical reader of mysteries set in England, Scotland and Ireland, that I am not the infamous British Value Added Tax! 
Instead, through an amazing educator and Twitter friend, Zoe Branigan-Pipe @zbpipe, I have the chance to be a virtual associate teacher. Zoe is teaching tech topics to teacher candidates at Brock university, and the students have been asked to immerse themselves in the world of social media, connecting to teachers, thinkers, blogs, Twitter feeds, etc.It has been great in the past couple of weeks to see these prospective teachers embracing online tools and participating actively in that world. It is also rewarding to know that others are reading what I post, either in my blog or on Twitter, and are retweeting or otherwise mentioning links. 
I feel so strongly that this is the all-time best way to learn, and as prospective teachers they are getting a front row seat to observe what thoughts, issues and reflections are on the minds of their colleagues. And in the forefront of all aspects of education in the 21st century. 
Granted I have only a small glimpse into the whole program and process, but I am excited by what I see from day to day. 
It is also inspiring me further about an idea I had this past summer about trying to start an online network within my own board which is geographically large, rural and northern in nature. I think the simple steps taken by the Brock education students would be easy for teachers with a wide range of classroom experience but limited technical knowledge to follow. So thanks @brocktechies. 
And I hope, if even in a small way, my being a VAT can also be a "value-added" experience for you.

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