Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shillolo Supernews September 30

Wow. September 30. How did that happen?!
Here are a few updates and fun links...
CASI - CASI books and copies of stories are set out on the desks at the back of the library. If the books are not there, your colleagues have borrowed them and you must roam the halls and find them :) There are extra copies of the stories in Grades 5-8 if you need to accommodate students. The window is October 1-15, beginning next week. Thanks to Marilyn for jumping into this and booking tech support for her students already. But hey it's not too late, talk to me about this.
Senteo training - You guys are great! I have had a lot of fun and got better at this myself, so thanks. It has been so neat seeing how teachers got excited about the possibilities of using these devices. There was a network problem affecting room 1 and 2 that Rob has just fixed. So a few more people will get training next week and then we will be able to run our introductory Senteo activities school-wide.
Media Literacy - Reminder about the two DVDs and Senteo quizzes that I have on computers and digital citizenship.
This is maybe the best list of reading ideas I have ever seen. Something for everyone!
Another media literacy resource, about the info that is on the Internet about us, very effective
Resolving the Dr. Oz apple issue as discussed in the staff room!
Have a great Terry Fox Walk, staff party and weekend, anne

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