Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shillolo Supernews October 14

Well, that was a week! Thanks to Bonnie for organizing the POETS meeting today. Very fun and relaxing, and nice to see so many around the table.
I feel that the real Super Heroes this week are Steve and Lisa, and all who helped them. Plus our newest Canadian friend, Judy. And finally Super “Stewart and MB”, who braved the elements today. I am so lucky to work with people like you.
Senteo News
It was really exciting to see Jan’s success in using the Senteos to differentiate learning and assessment in her French class. I am sure her students were just as happy to see the evidence of their own learning. I had a great experience myself on a media quiz today. It was the first time that 8C had used the Senteos. We watched the DVD "Lifting The Lid: How Computers Work,” filled out a KWL sheet and then did the quiz. It was so nice to see students who struggle with written output getting Level 4s. The looks on their faces when they came up to my desk to see their personal marks were priceless, and I know Jan also had this experience, and was able to make a really positive, personal connection with some of her students. Yes, the clickers are just one tool, of the many available to us, but they can be rewarding for both teachers and students at times.
I still need to do the intro on Smart Response with three staff members, and then we can talk about a school-wide trial. I have the “Learning Styles” quiz that I made up earlier and have tested out on 7B, and I am also going to type up another, based on the material that the Fire Safety officers presented. Mr. Dunnett left me a copy of the true/false questions.
That way, you and your students can have a trial run using the technology without stressing over curriculum applications in your subject, or marking, etc.
It seems that most classes have completed the non-fiction diagnostic CASI test. Congratulations!
A Few Links
This is a truly inspiring short video about using pop bottles to make lights in one of the poorest communities in the world.
True story, teen hit by meteorite
Sexting and the law. Enough said.
More math fun, math and real-life events
Have a great weekend!

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