Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why seniors should wear snowboard clothes

I finally found winter jacket that I like at Algonquin Outfitters, and in addition to fitting properly and looking good it has a wide range of special features. Yes, I ended up buying what appears to be a snowboarding coat, even though I don't snowboard and don't even downhill ski. 
But that got me thinking. Of course I am not a senior citizen, but in ten or fifteen years I might want a coat like this for qualities other than fit or appearance. I think many seniors might appreciate the following attributes.... 
1. There are built in hand warmers, in case of arthritis, a sign of advancing age. 
2. It has huge zipper pulls, same symptom. 
3. Fake snaps with Velcro underneath, same symptom. 
4. Still suffering from hot flashes? Open the pit zips. 
5. Forgetful? The hood is attached. 
6. Amazingly, there is a pocket on the left sleeve containing a cloth to clean your glasses. 
And best of all, if you fall down or get lost, it has a Recco wire that responds to a transmitter. Those snowboard apparel companies are sitting on a gold mine and they don't even know it, I bet!

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