Monday, March 12, 2012

Livescribe 2

Making connections...
My student is forging ahead with his independence project. One of the things that makes it possible is the ability of the Livescribe to connect to his FM hearing system. When the teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing and I were first planning this approach, I was at first discouraged. It knew that there was no way that the student would be able to hear the Livescribe voice as it played back notes and instructions. But then my colleague said that there was a connecting cord available that might plug into the Livescribe. To our delight it did!
It is called the Inspiro, and it can be used with an MP3 player, TV, GPS and computer, as well.
Our student can clearly hear my voice coming through his FM, and from there to his hearing aids.
I can't help thinking that some of the delays with vision and hearing students that I have taught come simply from missed instruction. So for this current student, who has a documented need to have things repeated in order to process them, not hearing clearly has an exponential disadvantage.
Within our independence project, the Livescribe is helping us to overcome both  issues. Firstly, he can hear the instructions clearly. Secondly, he can replay them clearly as often as he wants.

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