Monday, March 12, 2012

Livescribe 3

My student is doing so well that my colleagues and I are plotting to leave him to his own devices quite soon (pun intended!).
As I already wrote about, we have provided him with instructions for reading and journal writing via the Livescribe pen. For one month we want him to become more self-starting with standard instructions, and then we will introduce variations for regular class assignments.
Given all the other things going on at school, he has probably been relying on this in class about three times a week for two or three weeks.
This past week, we can see him making great progress. The element of repetition has worked. He showed us:
He can articulate the two reading choices without reviewing them on the Livescribe, select one, and start working.
He can state which of six journal writing topics he is going to write about without reviewing them on the Livescribe.
He can open MS Word off the start menu without assistance and begin writing.
Wow. We are really excited about these accomplishments. And so looking forward to carrying on with this voyage.

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